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Feel Free To Setup Your First Amazon Webstore

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Apr 4th, 2013
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What is Amazon Webstore?

With Amazon Webstore, we facilitate the construction of a presence for professional eCommerce tailored to their brand and consumers. By leveraging the technology and infrastructure of Amazon, Amazon Webstore offers small and large businesses quickly and easily setup their own eCommerce store and increase ROI and improve the user experience.

The main features and characteristics of Amazon Webstore are:

  • automatic installation
  • flexible layout
  • tools for sale
  • Unified interface for managing sales and inventory
  • automated marketing tools
  • multi-channel applications
  • benefit trafficking Amazon
  • conversion functionality

The service of Amazon Webstore developer allows you to create an eCommerce website for their products using the Amazon infrastructure. Unlike other sites that give you an online shopping service such as eBay, Amazon service leaves you free to create its user interface, and then released from Amazon, just in the process of purchasing and payment will be proposed structure and the trade for Amazon chekout.

The latter should give our customer greater security of payment since it is made from a brand known throughout the world and considered the most reliable for online sales. Not to mention the incredible growth that can be done about our products, since the product details with pictures, price and features are replicated on the store's central Amazon that could generate sales directly to its customers.

Of course, as most of the Amazon services, this has a cost, but we are talking about figures really for everyone if we also think the use of the product.

For more information I suggest you start from the page While if you want to see some templates site go Webstore Gallery. Another place is certainly interesting for further information is the Youtube Channel and board for Amazon Webstore.

The product of Amazon and simplifies launching an eCommerce website, especially if people are not technicians, ensures the factors of reliability and scalability. It completely eliminates the complex management of payments by credit cards, bank transfers etc. Obviously, the cost of startup and maintenance of the site are very low by the standards of traditional development.

However, since the requirements may be different, Amazon provides several profiles, Individual Online Sellers, Small Business eCommerce, Midsize Business eCommerce, Enterprise eCommerce and finally eCommerce For Manufacturers.

The features made available by this service are the following:

  • Create master layouts for key pages (home store, category page, product pages)
  • Map products to multi level categories.
  • Search Engine Friendly links
  • Page by page Meta data
  • Includes Amazon customer reviews for Amazon product catalog
  • Merchandising Library of widgets (such as recently viewed)
  • Multi channel management - list to / and your webstore
  • Share data across channels
  • Sales dashboard overview
  • Create cross sell items
  • Import / export via CSV file
  • Load product data from Amazon Catalogue date
  • Process phone orders
  • Create promotional areas across your store
  • Built in powerful seo optimization
  • Send product feeds to search engines
  • Built in Omniture analytics
  • Traffic & trending reports
  • Customers can login and checkout with Amazon account details
  • Inherit amazons trust and safety
  • Example of Layout with the service eCommerce Amazon Webstore

Finally, feel free to contact,

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