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Importance Of Industrial Sociology

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Apr 18th, 2012
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Industrial sociology is of great practical importance.

(i) Industrial sociology has been of great help in finding solutions to many of the industrial disputes and instances of industrial unrest.

(ii) It has reduced the gap between industrial management and industrial workers. It has also helped both to develop friendly relations.

(iii) Industrial Sociology has stressed upon the important role of trade unions in settling industrial disputes.

(iv) It has thrown light upon the problems of industrial workers. It has suggested ways and means of improving the living conditions of workers.

(v) Various industrial sociological studies have impressed upon the management and the government the need to undertake social security measures for promoting labor welfare.

(vi) Industrial sociology studies the relations between man’s industrial activities on the one hand, and his political, economic, educational and other activities, on the other.

(vii) Industrial sociology also analyses the processes of industrialization and urbanization, their magnitude and their mutual interaction.

(viii) Finally industrial sociology plays a vital role in contributing to planned industrial growth.

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