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What Is The Worst Washing Machine

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Mar 23rd, 2011
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It is natural for us consumers to want to get our hands on the best washing machines. Nobody in their right frame of mind would like to purchase the worst washing machines. But sadly, we can’t tell the best ones and the worst ones by just browsing over our choices alone.


It is through using the machine first-hand that we can tell whether or not we got the best washing machine deal. And in this case, the results vary. There are varying opinions when it comes to the worst and the best washers.


Some Worst Washing Machines In The Opinion Of Consumers


Before you go on and read the next bit of information, you should know that not all consumers share the bad experiences of the people who deemed them as the worst washers. There are also people who used them without major problems.


LG 2009 Washers and Asko Ultracare Washer


The most common complaint about these washers is that they are quite noisy. The vibrations produced by these laundry appliances are too disturbing to just shrug off. In fact, it has even brought forth complaints. Some people who used this in their apartments have complained that their neighbours complained of their noisy washer.


If you have a framed floor and you are living in the upper floors of an apartment, you should go the extra mile in installing a platform for your washer or a vibration pad that can help muffle out the sound. This will not prevent the washer from making the noise but it will definitely help lessen it.


Many also complained about moldy washer problems. Molds can accumulate because of excess moisture inside. Most modern front loaders do not work so well in eliminating all the moisture inside. This problem can be attributed to the horizontal drum structure of front loaders. As a result, molds appear.


Whirpool Calypso and Whirlpool Cabrio


Whirlpool Calypso has been receiving a lot of complaints not only with its durability but also with its cleaning cycles. It seems like the machine leaves ugly brown stains on clothes. Although some have taken it off their clothes, others were not that fortunate.


They also complained of the bad customer service of Whirlpool and the appliance store that sold them the extended warranty. The company will put you through a difficult time trying to get your warranty to be honoured. And in the end, you will just wait in vain for someone to come over and fix your washer. It is also quite annoying for a consumer to be put on hold for a long time and end the call without actually making a progress. The company is like leading you in circles.


Kenmore Elite Oasis


This particular machine from Kenmore has had a lot of complaints when it comes to its functionality. It doesn’t seem to be doing a good job in removing water inside the washer and cleaning the clothes well. Because of that, owners had to file complaints against it.


What Consumers Should Know


It is no longer safe to say that you are getting what you paid for in a new washer. Many people have invested a lot of money on expensive washers and extended warranties only to have the machine break down on them in just a few months. And what is worse is that nobody seems to be taking responsibility for everything.


Lawsuits have been piling up and irate consumers have remained irate.


But do not think that all companies are like this. It is more ideal to buy from a reputable company. Buy their mid-range level washers so you won’t have to feel bad about your expensive washer breaking down on you. In fact, the simple and mid-range washer are usually the ones that work longer.


If the machine has been equipped with several modern features, there is a bigger chance that the parts inside will break down. The company will naturally want you to discard the washer and buy a new one.


When buying, find out if there are a lot of recurring consumers. But never assume that the next machine you are going to buy will be as good as your previous one. In this day and age, you can never tell.


Do not pay for a washer that is too expensive. You might also want to consider buying during peak seasons or holiday seasons as you can get appliances at a discounted price.


It is also ideal to buy the washing machine from a store close to your home. This way, you can go over there and file a complaint or talk to someone visible instead of hanging around at home waiting for the customer service to call back.


Before sealing the deal, think about repair and maintenance as well. Find out if the machine has parts that are difficult to find, replace or repair. They cost a lot of money. Stick to those simple machines that can get the job done without a lot of fuss.


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  • 1. WILLIAM
    AEG,this wash machine 13 months old failed circuit board failed,repairman has now tried to repair at 4th visit!!!,to-days date 07 06 14,reported fault 15 05 14,we still do not have a machine,the saga goes on,we are disgusted and helpless,buyers beware of sams.
    (5:09 am, 2014.06.07)
  • 2. Bnelson98
    Just thought I would add my comments to the Whirlpool Cabrio experience we are contending with. It is a piece of crap. We had it less then 2 years and the transmission went bad and now when it spins it sounds like a train going through the house. Besides that which is bad enough it tangles clothes esp. sheets. If you run the delicate cycle parts of the clothes never saw water. The "Customer no-Service lady said that they never had this complaint before and was sorry that my "Warranty" has run out,,,,BLA BLA BLA. Whirlpool makes washers under many brands including Maytag, Kenmore, and few others so ask who makes it before you buy it. If you are going spend this kinda money on a washer buy something with a quality company, (which Whirlpool is not)
    (7:26 am, 2013.11.08)
  • 3. Gabbymiss5108
    The whirlpool model #WTW4950XW is the worst washing machine ever. I only had it for less than 9 months when i decided to junk it and buy a different washer. The whirlpool never got my clothes clean,no matter what i did,even using the extra rinse cycle. I WILL NEVER AGAIN buy another HE or energy star model,especially one without an agitator. My new washer is very simple,without any bells and whistles. It doesn't even have an annoying lid lock. When i emailed WHIRLPOOL with my complaints,allthey could come up with was to tell me they were "sorry" they lost favor with me. Never mind that i'm out $600.00 plus!! I'll never buy another Whirlpool product again!!
    (8:51 pm, 2012.12.26)
  • 4. Sherry Thoennes
    Very displeased with the whirlpool cabrio he washer purchased April 2010 for over $900. The only positive thing going for it is the huge 5.0 capacity. The clothes are wrinkled all the time. Must wash twice to make sure the items are clean ( not helping the water saving option). Once the year warranty was up the final spin cycle does not work proper and is constantly reading UL (uneven load). The repairs will cost greater than purchase price. Don't waste your money on the whirlpool cabrio anything! Purchase some other make.
    (3:52 pm, 2012.11.11)
  • 5. Janet
    I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio earlier this year. It STINKS! It puts holes in my clothes. I'm really sorry I bought this instead of a used Maytag with an agitator and hot water rinse.
    (8:42 am, 2011.12.31)
  • 6. Lil Spilde
    Hotpoint HTWP1000M0WW is absolutely the WORST washing machine I have ever used. It doesn't spin after the wash/drain, so some of the wash water is mixxed with about 4 1/2 inches of rinse water, which rinses for about 15 seconds. Then drains and spins. I need to run the cycle twice to get the soap and dirty water out of the clothes. (I do not use an extraordinary amount of soap, BTW) I will be suffering a 15% restocking fee to get my money back. WARNING: Don't buy a Hotpoint washer!!!!!
    (2:24 pm, 2011.07.06)
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